Cross Country

Mersey Tri compete in the North West Sunday Cross Country League. Races run between October and February, and are typically 7-8 km long. Our men’s team won the series in 2017/18, so we’re defending champions going into this year!

These races are free, simply turn up on the day to take part. You’ll need to be a member of Mersey Tri, and wear a club vest. These are muddy races, and so cross country spikes or off-road shoes are recommended!

Forget the time, it’s all about your position in your gender. When you cross the line you’ll receive a finishing token with your place - pass it on to our team captain who will tally up the scores. All abilities are welcome - if you’ve never tried cross country before then now’s your chance!

For more information and results, visit Steve Saunders’ website:

Race Calendar 2018 / 19

Race 1 - 28th Oct - Clarke Gardens, Liverpool - 10.00 am

Race 2 - 18th Nov - Beacon Park, Skelmersdale - 10.00 am

Race 3 - 16th Dec - Arrowe Park, Wirral - 10.00 am

Race 4 - 13th Jan - Town Park, Runcorn - 10.00 am

Race 5 - 3rd Feb - Croxteth Park, Liverpool - 10.00 am

Race 6 - 24th Feb - Birchwood Forest Park, Warrington - 10.00 am