Group Rides:

Group Rides are organised between club members. 


Wirral Group Rides 
Ladies Group Ride (Every Other week) 9.30am - See all details at the bottom of this page

Liverpool Group Rides

Organised between members. Typically shared on Facebook. 

Before participating in a group ride, please red the following information


What you need to know:
On arrival at the advertised meeting point, please make yourself known to your group leader. As these are un-coached sessions, before rides start, the riders should confirm:

•Group(s) pace
•Regrouping points (in case anyone gets dropped)
•Emergency Action Plan ~ Please make sure someone in the group has your emergency contact number or carry your Membership card that has this information
•No advice should be given whilst on the move or in a vulnerable position.

As we are representing Mersey Tri, please follow the Highway-code at all times, including stopping at red lights and riding no more than two-abreast

Please respect ALL other road users. Where appropriate and safe to do so, "single out" and allow drivers to get past you on narrow roads.

Please make sure your bike is roadworthy and that you have front & rear lights, spare tube(s) and a pump with you. Mudguards are always a good idea when riding in a group in the winter.

  • 2x bottles of fluids
  • Enough food to keep you fueled
  • An emergency gel for if your energy levels hit rock bottom
  • A light weight waterproof jacket in your back pocket
  • A small amount of cash and/or credit/debit card for in an emergency
  • Mobile Phone

PLEASE BE PREPARED for all eventualities. It is your individual responsibility! 

'Prior Preparation & Planning Prevents
Piss Poor Performance & Punctures'

If you are not used to riding in a group, please have a look at this very handy guide


Ladies Group Rides:

It is proposed to do a bike ride every other Saturday morning that will cater for female members of the club.

The plan is to leave Smithy Hill, Thornton Hough at 9.30am and complete roughly 25 miles at a steady 12-14mph without a stop. The idea is to encourage female members of the club to participate in a safe, controlled ride that will cater for the all abilities with no one left behind.

The rides will take place every other Saturday but will be cancelled if the weather is bad (eg icy roads or high winds). The main objectives of the ride will be:

  • to build up cycling fitness

  • to develop good bike handling skills

  • to increase road awareness and confidence on open roads

  • to learn to ride in a group

NOTE: This session is NOT coached but will be Led by a Mersey Tri member


Please let Emer know if you are interested in coming on the ride, she can be contacted by email here