Stephen Saunders

Name: Stephen Saunders

Athletic Background: Played most sports at school with the exception of football, that's for prima donnas, before settling for running.

Biggest sporting achievement to date?: Finishing IM Austria at 50 years of age (See why below)

Favourite workout?: Any distance run off road or running in fresh snow

Least Favourite Workout?: Turbo cycle or treadmill run as I hate indoor exercise

Worst Habit ?: Still thinking I can run/swim/bike like I was 20 years younger.

Favourite song to train to / motivate?: None prefer to do my thinking whilst exercising

Something about you that many people do not know?: In 1985 I had both adrenal glands removed after being diagnosed with a rare disease called Cushing Syndrome. Normally happens in middle age women (and dogs !) not in a 21 year old male. The risk of suffering this is your classic 1 in a million. I am required to take replacement steroids for life. Most people with this condition lead a sedate life after this I just didn't listen. I believe I am one of the only people in the world with this condition who has completed an IM never mind the numerous Marathons and Half Marathons I have completed.

If you could tell other athletes one thing you have learned so far in your training what would it be?: You will always be glad you did it afterwards and it gets harder the older you get.

What is your ultimate goal as an athlete?: To continue exercising and competing as long as I can

Favourite Race / Course?: IM Austria And Four Villages 1/2 marathon

What's your most memorable racing moment?: Definitely finishing IM Austria nearly an hour quicker than my expected time and feeling remarkable ok.

Any unusual race day routines or superstitions?: Arrive at venue in plenty of time so I can chill.

What race / event / ride is on your bucket list?: Man vs Horse

Swim: Orca Apex 2/Aqua Sphere Seal XP

Bike: Specialized Allez Elite/spiuk Dharma

Run: Asics Kayano

Nutrition of choice: SIS fluid, Jelly Babies run, chocolate clif bars bike

What piece of equipment couldn't you live without?: Garmin 910XT