RŌKA is a relatively young company that has made a big splash in the U.S. over the past two years producing quality wetsuits, sim shorts, swim skins and goggles.  The official Swim sponsor of the U.S Ironman races, RŌKA support many local, regional and national teams ranging from small clubs comprised of beginners up to much larger groups and elite athletes.

RŌKA have kindly offered Mersey Tri members 30% discount of all products when ordered from their website http://eu.rokasports.com. We ask that you're discreet with the discount code and refrain from sharing it with non-club members. (Please note that the code is not active during a site wide sale).

For the latest updates from RŌKA we encourage you to follow them on social media and show your support with the hashtags: #findfaster #Maverick #SPCTRM




If you would like the discount code, email Web@merseytri.org.uk

Mersey Tri is one of the largest Triathlon clubs in the country with over 400 members spread across Merseyside. We are delighted to welcome supporters who offer our members, coaches, volunteers and Juniors benefits to encourage them to reach their personal goals, participate in the sport, and live a healthy, active lifestyle.

If you would like to support our club or formalise a pre-existing arrangement offered to Mersey Tri members, please contact Web@merseytri.org.uk

Many Thanks