Ron Sanders

Name: Ron Sanders

Athletic Background: British judo team / Ultra marathon runner.

Biggest sporting achievement to date?: Completed the Ultra tour du Mont Blanc on my first attempt.

Favourite workout?: It changes depending upon my mood.. at the moment its all about the climbing.

Least Favourite Workout?: has to be running!!!! ive done so much of it over the last 3 years...

Worst Habit ?: Playing computer games when i should be out training.. :)

Favourite song to train to / motivate?: I change my playlist depending on the distance of the event. The longer the event the more chilled out it is, and the shorter events i like any hip hop.

Something about you that many people do not know?: ill think of something !

If you could tell other athletes one thing you have learned so far in your training what would it be?: If our not enjoying it then it will not help you in anyway!

This sounds a bit weird but ive put years into training and loved it, but every time i started to not enjoy it i would take a break. If i didn't take that break then I would find that i would stop training for a longer period of time.

What is your ultimate goal as an athlete?: To push myself to the limit of my abilities and beyond..

Favourite Race / Course?: UTMB.

What's your most memorable racing moment?: i was running the Ceasers camp 100 mile endurance race. I had been moving for 25 hours and was just nearing the finish. My wife had decided that she would help[ me round my last 10 mile as my pacers had both fallen ill and couldnt make it. 

I was tired and hungry and not the best of company but she had stuck with me through it....

I was about 1 mile from the finish line and i suddenly started to cry my eyes out, when she asked what was wrong i told her that even if i fell and broke both my legs i knew that i could still finish in the time i had left even if that meant crawling the rest of the way!

in the months leading up to the race id only ran 20 miles at the farthest...The sense of achievement was overwhelming and out of 150 of us only 18 finished!!!

Ill never forget that moment.

Any unusual race day routines or superstitions?: eating cheese for breakfast!

What race / event / ride is on your bucket list?: not sure yet as im new to tri's. Im open to suggestions :)

Swim: Aqua spere wet suit, goggles are cheap things i got on holiday in crete

Bike: Fuji 1.0 tri bike, and a basic specialized helmet.

Run: asics

Nutrition of choice: energy gels give me stomach cramps so i just opt for Asda flap jacks.

What piece of equipment couldn't you live without?: my salomon hydration belt