Representing GB in 2015 by Mike Lisle


Event Date: 9/11/2015

20 years on from my first race in a GB kit [Stockholm 1995] I achieved my twin aims for 2015 by qualifying for the GB age-group team for both the European and World Championships. The Euros were held in Geneva during a heatwave in July. With temperatures in the 90s I was pleased that I was doing the Sprint for a change. The Worlds were held in Chicago in September.

Both races, although different in distance and route design, featured my usual racing style of good swim, average bike and sub-standard run! Both races involved swimming in two of the World's great lakes, Geneva and Michigan, and both surprisingly tough - Geneva had a strong head current and Michigan was really choppy following an overnight storm. The bikes legs were very different. The Geneva bike featured 3 steep climbs and descents while Chicago had a long underground section which tested bike skills as well as fitness. Both runs were hot, flat and in my case slow. Being passed by rivals on the run especially in Chicago where the run was closer to 11 than the usual 10k. saw my finishing position slip but I was relatively pleased with my 12th [Euros] and 27th [Worlds]. It was good to be joined by fellow Merseytriers Michael Heyes and Helen Cooney in Geneva.

Away from triathlon, the two cities were like chalk and cheese - Geneva is dull, expensive and lacking in character while Chicago was great - loads to see and do,good beer and fantastic music[perhaps I get my priorities wrong]. 

2016 features the Euros in Lisbon in May while the Worlds will be on the island of Cozumel [Mexico] in September. Hopefully we can have a few club members in both races. Sam Howard, Mike Derrane and me are all booked up for Lisbon but places for Cozumel are still up for grabs. I know members have different goals and ambitions in the sport but representing GB is something special and is achievable [even if you run like me!]

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