Queen's Dock - CLOSED

Open Water Swims at the Liverpool Watersports Centre commence Sunday 3rd April 2016 with weekly Wednesday evening sessions starting the 6th April.  

The Watersports Centre are now running the safety/administration of these sessions. We aim to have different club sessions during the season with OW skills coaching, timed sessions and OW swim start simulation etc...

As The Watersports Centre are now running the safety/administration of these sessions there are a number of procedural changes:

1. Sign up to NOWCA  https://www.nowca.org/default.aspx

  • All swimmers must  sign up to NOWCA.
  • Select "LIVERPOOL WATERSPORTS CENTRE” as your “Lake”.
  • Bands will be sent to the Watersports centre for collection. This band will be used for the season to sign in / out of the water.


  • These should be printed and brought to a members first open water session to speed up the administration process. 
  • Everyone will need to fill in the first part, those considering to swim without a wetsuit will need to sign the additional disclaimer.
  • These can be filled in on the night. Though the more completed in advance the smoother the first few weeks will go.
  • Link for a Disclaimer Form


3. Price Options

  • £5 / session  
  • £25 / month
  • £100 / season
  • These fees are payable directly to the Watersports centre and not collected poolside.
  • Club Members will be able to swim at any time that the Watersports Centre is open as long as  they have a "swim-buddy"
  • Members can turn up and borrow a band if they are not swimming regularly. (Likely they will pay £5 session cost) This should really be just a one off.

Those swimming outside of the Mersey Tri Wednesday swim time are advised to swim in pairs and be confident in their swimming ability.

We strongly advise the use of a Tow float available from Zone 3 or Chill swim for example



Dock Swim Information and Rules;

All swimmers must be a paid up member for the current season of Mersey Tri.

Membership card must be shown and an emergency contact telephone number provided on registration.



Disclaimer: As these sessions are run using NOWCA (National Open Water Coaching Association) rules rather than Triathlon England, it is up to individual members whether the sessions are suitable for them.

Members are responsible for their own medical fitness and ability to swim. Members must be able to swim 1500 meters non-stop and unaided in a pool. Evidence of capability may be asked for.

Swim strokes allowed are crawl (freestyle) and breaststroke. Backstroke is not permitted.

In normal circumstances the minimum age of swimmers is 16 years old. Any variation from this rule will be at the discretion of Mersey Tri coaches and will be based on known capabilities. Under 16 year olds must be a Mersey Tri member, wear a wet suit and hat, have parental consent and be accompanied by parent or guardian.


Swimming Procedure

All members must wear permitted colored hats. Novices will wear a white swim hat, experienced members a yellow swim hat and coaches a blue swim hat. No other hat is acceptable.

Entry and exit to the water is via the ramped and designated areas only. No diving is permitted.

For all members, circuits must only be swum in an anti-clockwise direction.

Members must NOT swim into adjacent dock areas.



Solo swimming is not permitted. The minimum number in a group is three. If a group breaks up due to different swimming speeds, swimmers must re-group and carry out a head count of their group at the end of each length or width. Swimmers must check on the welfare of fellow swimmers in their group.

If in difficulty swimmers are advised to turn onto their back and wave an arm in the air to attract attention.

In the event of an emergency an air horn will be sounded.

All members must stop swimming immediately the horn is sounded and check around themselves for another swimmer in difficulty or an approaching vessel. (docks are reserved for our exclusive use, however, rogue vessels do appear occasionally and members need to be aware of this)

The temperature of the dock usually requires the use of wetsuit.

The use of MP3 players or any other audio device requiring the wearing of earphones is not permitted.

Swimmers are advised not to swim if they have any open or deep wounds due to the risk of water born infection. Cuts should be covered with waterproof dressings.

Swimmers should wash their hands before handling food and shower at the earliest opportunity. Wetsuits should also be cleaned



Please note: Proof of membership is required for scheduled Open Water Swims. If you have not received your membership card in time please provide printed membership confirmation from this website.

All members should read a copy of the current dock swim rules which should be available at the dockside or on the club website and agree to abide by them

The Dock is within a public area. Members need to be mindful of this, particularly when changing before and after the session.

Valuables and belongings are left are the owners risk. The club cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage.

These rules may be changed or amended by the club’s officials as dictated by prevailing circumstances on the day.

Any member transgressing these rules, or whose activities put either themselves or others at risk, or bring the club into disrepute, may be excluded from further participation by the club’s officials.



These rules have been approved by the Mersey Tri Committee