Paul McNally

Name: Paul McNally

Athletic Background: No real athletics background but I did run a bit before taking up Triathlon

Biggest sporting achievement to date?: Finishing Challenge Barcelona in 10hrs 47min

Favourite workout?: Anything on a bike or negative splits run session

Least Favourite Workout?: anything indoors especially a pool

Worst Habit ?: leaving things until the last minute or not sleeping enough.

Favourite song to train to / motivate?: I don't train to music but I always listen to Foo Fighters on the way to a race

Something about you that many people do not know?: I once got runners nipple whilst doing a long run on a treadmill in the Gym but not realising it until it was too late. I ended up with blood stains all over my white top which everyone could see apart from me. Got some very strange looks from the other Gym users, lucky for me I was working away in Dublin at the time so I have not needed to go back to that gym since.

If you could tell other athletes one thing you have learned so far in your training what would it be?: Rest, recovery and nutrition are as important as mileage and hours training, and don't leave anything until the last minute ;-)

What is your ultimate goal as an athlete?: To finish an iron distance race under 10hrs

Favourite Race / Course?: favourite race-challenge Barcelona, favourite course-Oulton park duathlon

What's your most memorable racing moment?: Finishing my first marathon in Barcelona after thinking it was beyond me. It was my first marathon.

Any unusual race day routines or superstitions?: No superstitions but my usual race day routine is wake up, go the toilet, eat porridge, drink coffee and then head to transition listening to the foo fighters in the car.

What race / event / ride is on your bucket list?: Challenge Roth

Swim: Blueseventy Axis/Zoggs predator Flex

Bike: Boardman Air 9.8TT(race bike), Specialised Venge pro Di2(summer bike), Boardman team pro carbon(winter bike) and a Ribble Aero TT (turbo bike)

Run: Saucony Pro Guide

Nutrition of choice: Banannas and mule bars

What piece of equipment couldn't you live without?: Castelli Radiation 1-2-3 jacket and Assos Fugu gloves as they keep me warm so I can cycle through the winter months.

Twitter: @paulmcn91