Male athletes wanted for research into diurnal variation on time trial performance.

Male athletes are invited to participate in a study at LJMU on diurnal variation and cycling performance. Please contact the researcher directly for more details on becoming involved. 

Dear Mersey Tri,

I am currently a MSc student at Liverpool John Moores University studying sport and exercise physiology.

I am looking for males to take part in my study titled:
Diurnal variation in 16.1-km time trial cycle ergometer performance. Can we off-set this with bright light + exercise, bright light + dawn simulation or bright light, dawn simulation + exercise?

This project would take approximately 1 h on 8 separate occasions, 3 of which would be familiarisation sessions. 4 conditions will take place between 07:30-09:00 h and one evening condition between 17:30-19:00 h.
On three occasions, the morning before time trial sessions, bright light and/or exercise will be administered for up to an hour.
A VO2 max test will also need to be performed which would require 15 min on a separate occasion. 

Please be aware that the time-trial and VO2 max test will tax your body!
To be included in this study you must:
•be male aged 18-30 years old
•minimum cycle experience of 2 years
•normal sleeping patterns between 22:30 + 07:30 h
•have a balanced diet
•need to adhere to required sleep and waking times
•no strenuous activity 24 h prior to each trial
•no alcohol and caffeine 24 h prior to each trial
•be free of musculoskeletal injury and no previous bone injury
•arrive in athletic clothing
•be able to sign and complete consent and readiness to exercise forms
•answer all questions on questionnaires
If you are interested please let me know ASAP via email at
Looking to start testing beginning of May.

If you could please circulate this or know of anyone who would like to participate I would be extremely grateful.

If you would like further information I can send a participant information sheet.

Thanks for taking your time to read this I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,