Gut issues during training? Male triathletes wanted

Dr Dominic Doran from Liverpool John Moores University is currently recruiting male triathletes (female's pending ethical approval) for research into the effect of running and cycling on gut damage in trained triathletes from olympic, middle and long distance backgrounds. 


They are researching the effect of running and cycling on gut damage with view to examining counter measures to off set the effects that can occur during training and after events. Data so far indicates that if you match running and cycling for energy expenditure the simple act of running increase gut damage very significantly relative to the cycling. In some athletes this may possibly explain why gut issues are more prevalent during running.

The compensation package would work very well for triathletes hoping to race aboard, particularly those going 'long’in the heat. A series of acclimation session before travelling out to race abroad or group training session in the hypoxic chambers on the Watt Bikes may also be available.

There are two ongoing studies that are currently recruiting. The first, as I have already outlined is examining the effects of running versus cycling versus rest on Gut damage. The second which is our priority study follows the same idea around gut damage but looks a new nutritional supplement similar to this one unbound [developed by the same company ( ] as a counter measure against gut damage, to maintain immune function, reduce cell damage thus helping with recovery (possibly).

Please contact the researchers directly for more information. See attached information sheets for the nucleotide study that gives a general overview, further much more detailed information sheets are available to those who may wish to consider assisting in our research work. Contact detail are included on the information sheet.