Club Kit window OPEN till 27th October

Kit window is now open till 27th October 12 pm. Some helpful info below to aid in ordering.

To help, please see links to sports collections on their website below. This will help differentiating products before logging in to order through the back end. Read up, read the differences, then it will be much simpler when ordering once you log in.


Link to sizing charts below. Simply select product interested in and review sizes (measure against existing fit clothes)


Tri Tops / Suits : 
1) Order optional inch longer top. They're cut quite short.
2) Blade top has pocket and wider shoulder coverage than Link top
3) Blade short has pocket. Link shorts don't.
3) Apex is a hydrodry water repellent stretch fabric (holds less water). It is an elite fit so will be tighter (compression) compared to the Performance tops/suits.

1) Apex material is simply lighter / slightly more breathable material than Performance. Performance is perfectly good for singlets and T's in my opinion.

Cycling top cuts:
1) RACE - This cut is a more traditional Euro size cut that is tighter and closer fitting (for skinny whippets)
CLUB - This cut is a more generous fitting jersey being bigger in the arms, chest and also longer. I'd advise this is as the standard option for us triathletes who are typically bigger in the upper body.
2) Once again, performance material In my opinion is fine for jerseys, unless your after some super light summer jersey which you don't really need in the UK.

Hope this helps. Will provide some feedback to CS. I know they are looking to narrow their product range and unfortunately their new order system hasn't overly improved things.

But.. kit quality, frequency of orders, delivery time, range etc etc, is way better than it used to be. More and more members are training /racing in club kit. Don't take the effort of club volunteers and club committee who try to provide, deliver and serve some 400 odd members for granted.