Message for all Wirral Calday Grange Swimmers

Its Zoë, I'm writing an message to all the swimmers who train at Calday pool on Tuesday evenings. From the 1st September until the 22nd September I will be taking 4 consecutive training sessions, this is to realise an idea I have had, to benefit you guys! 


At uni, we train with 4 swim sessions a week, but we differentiate the objective of each session. For example, technique, strength, speed or aerobic. Obviously there is some crossover, but as I said, each session has a specific focus.


I really like this approach to our training. Therefore, I am going to give each Tuesday training session a focus, my aim and my hopeful outcome of this is to show the club members how sessions can vary, how to achieve a specific type of training and how they can plan their own swim sessions should they train on their own with no coach. 


So, from you guys, what I ask is... to try and commit to the 4 consecutive sessions, to make the most of them, and to be ready to go at 8.30pm so we can use the full hour.


If you have any questions or queries you can email me ( or speak to me beforehand at any time.



Coach ~ Mersey Tri