MT at National Club Relays - Get your teams entered ASAP

The club is still looking to have a big attendance at the National Club Relays in Nottingham on August 22nd / 23rd.

Event information:

Venue's website:

George has kindly offered to help organise teams for the event and has set up a Facebook page for discussion. This event page is now the main discussion point for Mersey Tri participation at the Triathlon Relay.

You can find the page here:

If you would like to put together a team with your fellow club members or friends and race over the weekend, enter as normal though the organisers website. All entries to be completed by Sunday 16th August.

Teams can consist of:

- 4 males; OR
- 4 females; OR
- 2 males and 2 females.

We are targeting the Saturday events. The morning is dedicated to single-gender races, whilst the afternoon will host the mixed category. You can double up.

Once entered Please use the spreadsheet below to enter your completed teams, or put your name forward to form a team.

If you would like to take part / find some team members or have any questions, please contact George on Facebook HERE