West Kirby Open Water Swim Poll - Results

Dear West Kirby swimmers

We recently conducted a poll of lake swimmers regarding our policy for cancelling the swim sessions when inclement weather is forecast and it is 50/50 whether we will proceed.

The options were :

1. Make the decision to cancel the swim the night prior to the session so that we all know what we are doing. This decision will be communicated out to the membership. 

2. Wait until Saturday morning in the hope that Michael Fish was wrong. If it is cancelled this will be communicated to the membership. With this being a last minute call there is a potential that people will arrive to find there is no session.

You voted with an overwhelming majority to go for option 2 - wait until Saturday morning.

With regard to methods of communication, we will be using 2 methods to ensure we communicate to the maximum number of lake users:

1. Post to the NEWS page of the Mersey Tri website, which has an automated social media posting meaning that it will also appear on the club Facebook and Twitter pages.

2. Send out a group email. At present this is a manual process from my email address, and I will send the email out to the current West Kirby Open Water Rota group. If you wish to be added to this group for communication purposes then please contact me at : paul.bradford@hotmail.com

If you have any questions, please contact me directly.

Paul Bradford