Liverpool Dock Swims - Important Changes (Please Review)

We are hoping to start Open Water Swims at the Liverpool Watersports Centre on Wednesday 13th May with sessions starting at 6.45pm.

The Watersports Centre are now running the safety/administration of these sessions.

We aim to have different club sessions during the season with OW skills coaching, timed sessions and OW swim start simulation etc...

Disclaimer: As these sessions are run using NOWCA (National Open Water Coaching Association) rules rather than Triathlon England, it is up to individual members whether the sessions are suitable for them.


As The Watersports Centre are now running the safety/administration of these sessions there are a number of procedural changes:

1. Sign up to NOWCA

This is best done beforehand though can be done at the Watersports Centre. If done at the Water-sports Centre members should be aware to factor in administration time before entering the water.

People who plan to swim regularly should be advised to sign up to NOWCA.
It’s £10 online, £8 at the Watersports Centre

They should select "LIVERPOOL WATERSPORTS CENTRE” as their “Lake”.

Bands will be sent to the Watersports centre for collection. This band will be used for the season to sign in / out of the water.


These should be printed and brought to a members first open water session to speed up the administration process. 

Everyone will need to fill in the first part, those considering to swim without a wetsuit will need to sign the additional disclaimer.

These can be filled in on the night. Though the more completed in advance the smoother the first few weeks will go.

Link for a Disclaimer Form


3. Price Options
£4 / session  (£1 discount)
£20 / month
£80 / season

These fees are payable directly to the Watersports centre and not collected poolside.

Club Members will be able to swim at any time that the Watersports Centre is open as long as  they have a "swim-buddy"

Members can turn up and borrow a band if they are not swimming regularly.
(Likely they will pay £5 session cost) This should really be just a one off.

Those swimming outside of the Mersey Tri Wednesday swim time are advised to swim in pairs and be confident in their swimming ability.

We strongly advise the use of a Tow float available from Zone 3 or Chill swim for example