Open Water Swims at West Kirby Marine Lake 16th May-26th September

The weather is warming up and it's about time to dust off the wetsuit and get down to the Marine Lake!

The sessions start of May 16th and run through to 26th September.

2 Important changes to note :

1. The session is now £3.50. It was previously £2.50. The increase is due to the increased cost demanded by the lake. We make no profit from the session and all our fees go directly to the Lake at the end of each session

2. The session is now 90 mins long - starting at 7am and finishing at 8.30am. This is a good compensation for the additional cost.

Safety Rota:

Please if your name is on the List make sure you turn up!

Important: If you cannot make the date that you have been given, please swap with someone else on the list (contact emails are on the email you will have received ~ check your spam folder!) and let Paul Bradford  know the new arrangements so that he can keep an updated schedule.

Paul will be at the first session on 16th May so, if you want to come and say hello and run through the spotting procedure please go and see him.

Don't forget to wrap up, it gets cold standing lake-side for 90 minutes!

Thanks in advance for your support for this popular session.