Mersey Tri Needs You!

The Mersey Tri Committee runs the club.   Without members volunteering on the Committee, many of the events, training sessions or benefits that we take for granted as members would not happen.

The Club urgently needs a Chairperson for 2016 who will lead the club meetings and the strategic direction of the club.  The Club’s constitution requires the role to be filled.  We also need a Welfare Officer who is willing to attend a club-sponsored safeguarding course and advise the Club on safeguarding issues for our events, a Website Administrator who is willing to update and manage our website and a Newsletter Editor who will produce the weekly/monthly newsletter that keeps the members up-dated on events.

If you have questions about the roles or are interested in being a part of the Committee, then please contact the current Chair or the Secretary.  The positions will be confirmed at the AGM in December.