Half Marathon club. Thursdays 18:45

From this week (Thurs 8th October) MT will be running a Thursday evening run session meeting at the Boating Lake, Sefton Park at 18:45.

The aim of the session will be to prepare for a March half marathon. The session should hopefully also work quite well for those targeting half Ironman training, marathon training or the long run session if training for short distance triathlons.

The session will rotate on a weekly basis;
1. Progression run
2. Hilly run
3. Tempo run
4. Steady run
(Running order for example purposes as will aim to fit with Tues session but not duplicate.)

There will be a run leader to brief people on the content of the session each week.
Each of the session will progress. e.g the first progression run may be 4x3k, but in the 3rd cycle it could be 4x5k.

As these sessions will be slightly longer than the Tuesday session we may have to bring the start time forward but to keep things simple for now we'll meet at 18:45 (same time as Tues).
Being longer it will also be slightly harder to keep groups together.
Each session will start with a group warm up. Then specific split times will be provided based off target half marathon pace or current fitness.  It would be beneficial to bring a gps device or at least a stopwatch. A headtorch could be useful too, although for the faster paced runs (tempo / progression) we are likely to use the prom as it is well lit.

Note. The Thursday ladies run session will be incorporated into the Half marathon club over the winter. Helen will be leading one of the groups.

Hope to see you there,