Club Kit Update

Just to keep everyone update regarding kit

We have updates on

-Club kit (Velotec)

-30th Anniversary kit

-Future club kit


Club kit (Velotec)

We’ll be opening the shop shortly for orders of club kit.

The shop will be open for around two weeks.  If you want club kit, especially race kit this is the only chance to order it for the race season.

Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement “The kit shop is open.” This will be posted via the usual club communication routes.

We’ll give an estimate of expected delivery time for this kit order when we open the club shop.


30th Anniversary Kit

Due to popular demand we are going to run one LAST order for 30th anniversary kit. For the avoidance of doubt this will be the last ever order of 30th anniversary kit. Get it now or miss out forever.

We’ve decided to stagger the orders this time as it’s easier logistically for those involved behind the scenes.

Once the order window for the regular club kit has closed & we’ve processed the order we’ll open the club shop for the anniversary kit order.

Again keep your eyes peeled for more info in the coming weeks.


Future club kit

We’re in the process of pulling together a short questionnaire to gather members opinions and existing experiences associated with club kit. The quality, design, order process etc.

Some elements are fixed e.g. are club colours are sky blue and yellow. These will need to be prominent, there is no option to change to red or green for example.

Subtle changes can be considered.