Important Club Announcements (must read)

This post is fairly long but a 'must read', so grab a coffee and get comfy!

Three important notices from the club committee:

1.     Membership cards

We will be moving to a self-print membership card. On joining or renewing membership via Nifty entries you will receive an email with a self-print membership (similar to that of Park run).

Please print & laminate this and bring with you to all training sessions. We will also allow on screen versions as proof of membership.

Failure to show a valid membership card may result in refusal to participate in a session. The back end will link to a database so session leads and coaches have access to members’ emergency contact details.

 This is in the final stages of being trialled. Once complete ALL members (including existing members) will receive an email with their self-print card.  

Existing cards are still valid but will be phased out.

 If you have any questions regarding the changes to membership cards please contact a member of the committee via the clubs website & they will be happy to respond to your enquiry.


2.     Club Kit

The committee wish to clarify the club kit order process.

Club kit is ordered TWICE a year. Orders are placed by individuals for their specific kit requirements.

  • Autumn order for a December (pre-christmas) delivery
  •  Circa January order for a April (pre-race season) delivery

In addition to individual members orders, the club uses some revenue from sessions/membership to order additional items of race wear; tri-suits, tri tops & running vests to make orders up to minimum levels where applicable.

The shop only contains a small amount of surplus kit. Members are urged to purchase kit during the two order windows to avoid disappointment. We unfortunately cannot hold stocks of all kit.

The kit shop will be taking orders for all kit items for a pre-xmas delivery


The sizing is “Italian” i.e Small. If you are in any doubt order a larger size. Exchanges where we have spare are permissible.


3.     30th Anniversary Kit

As one of the oldest Triathlon clubs in the country, Mersey Tri celebrates  its 30th Anniversary in 2015. This is a fantastic accomplishment and a huge achievement by all those who have been involved throughout the clubs history, in what is still a modern sport.

To put this into perspective, the first Triathlon in the UK only took place in 1983, Mersey Tri was established in 1985, and The International Triathlon Federation (ITU) was only formed in 1989.

One of the ways the club will be marking this milestone is with a special 30th Anniversary kit. The kit has been designed to celebrate the clubs heritage with a clean and sophisticated classic racing design. Featuring a special 30th Anniversary Crest, the kit incorporates the clubs historic blue and yellow colours, as well as the present day, distinguishable Cyan.

It also provides the club the opportunity to trial a different kit supplier which depending on our experience and member feedback we could consider using for our main club kit.


**Race wear i.e Trisuits, tri tops and running vests will NOT be able to be ordered in the Anniversary Edition so our race day identity is consistent & ensure we comply with England athletics regulations**


The kit shop will be taking orders for 30th Anniversary kit from: MONDAY 18th AUGUST until SUNDAY 7th SEPTEMBER

This is a ONE time order of anniversary kit. The kit will also be delivered in time for Christmas.

Sizing samples for the anniversary kit will be made available in Liverpool and on the Wirral. Dates & locations will be announced once we are in receipt of the samples.

As all orders are for individuals and there is no stock holding there is NO facility for exchange or refund. Please try to attend a sizing event and follow the sizing instructions that will displayed along side item images within the club shop.

Thanks for reading


30th Anniversary Edition Kit