New Website


As you may be aware, the club website has become difficult to manage and had lost a significant amount of functionality which had an impact on the clubs ability to communicate efficiently. Over the last few months, a team of volunteers have been working tirelessly to correct this.

So far, we have introduced your new weekly newsletters and increased twitter activity. We have successfully trialled a new Kit Shop which will re-open with available stock soon. It has been decided to go with a 3rd party, Nifty Entries to process all the payments and collect the details for our memberships. The link is now available on the site and we remind members to renew memberships that have lapsed!

The club is delighted to announce the launch of our new club website. The new site aims to be clean, simple and functional with content that is easy to update, enabling us to provide better information, communication and functionality to our members.

The new site features existing and new content, while other sections that had become obsolete (such as the forum) have been lost. We hope you like the new design and content. Galleries, Race Reports, Records and Athlete Profiles will be populated over time. The site will be richer with your contributions.

We will also be trialling a new Facebook page to communicate official club news and postings. You can ‘Like’ this page to stay informed ensuring you never miss a website post, tweet, or newsletter.

While the current ‘MerseyTri Triathlon Club’ group acts as a valuable forum for members, can we take this opportunity to remind you that the group is unofficial. The views and opinions expressed in this group are those solely of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official positions, strategies or opinion of Mersey Tri. Links, content or commercial products posted within this group do not represent or imply endorsement by Mersey Tri.


Mersey Tri Team