John Farrington

Name: John Farrington

Athletic Background: I started just over a year ago from zero sporting or athletic background, one day I just decided I was going to buy a bike and the journey started from there

Biggest sporting achievement to date?: Becoming an Ironman

Favourite workout?: Open water swimming

Least Favourite Workout?: Running of any kind

Worst Habit ?: Going through phases of training like a obsessed crazy man for months then phases of being a couch potato. I need to be more consistent ! 

Favourite song to train to / motivate?: Fleetwood Mac

Something about you that many people do not know?: When I booked ironman I couldn't swim so had to have lessons. 

If you could tell other athletes one thing you have learned so far in your training what would it be?: Anything is achievable !!! I went from frying pan to Ironman in 8 months. 

What is your ultimate goal as an athlete?: Don't really have any goals, I don't enter events to race them (mainly coz I'm rubbish) I go to enjoy them and I'm happy to finish regardless of my time. 

Favourite Race / Course?: The cross Windermere swim

What's your most memorable racing moment?: Starting in the 3rd wave of swimmers at ironman Staffordshire then swimming at turbo speed straight though the two previous waves. Then getting on the bike feeling as strong as an ox flying past what felt like hundreds only for them all to overtake me later as I run like turtle in wellies in treacle

Any unusual race day routines or superstitions?: Not really but I tend to spend my entire swim thinking / worrying about if I've forgot any of my bike stuff in T1

What race / event / ride is on your bucket list?: Maybe do an Ironman abroad and maybe one day do the double brutal. Few mountains I'd like to tackle on the bike to. 

Swim: BlueSeventy & Predetors

Bike: Sworks Roubaix & Felt TT

Run: Hokka's (need all the help I can get) 

Nutrition of choice: Cadburys Dairymilk & Makers Mark

What piece of equipment couldn't you live without?: My Garmin 920, best bit of kit I've bought