Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centre - CLOSED

The crosby marina swim sessions are not coached sessions

Time: Every Saturday morning at 10am starting Saturday 30th April 2016 and every Monday evening starting Monday 2nd May 2016 from 6.00pm. Temperatures <11° no swim, <14° wetsuit compulsory. All swimmers need a bright swim hat.

Organisation: Mike Lisle and Ray Handley have worked with the Lakeside Manager to set up the sessions. A small team of Merseytri members will help with admissions and coaching BUT THE OVERALL RESPONSIBILITY FOR SAFETY COVER/RISK ASSESSMENT etc is being taken by the Lakeside officials.

Who can swim?: All swimmers must sign a guarantee that they are a competent swimmer.  Merseytri members are welcome but the Lakeside officials are insistent that the sessions are open to others. Our team will assist with the “fit to swim” process.

Cost £4 for MerseyTri members and £5.15 for non-members. This includes changing facilities/use of cafe etc.

You MUST PRODUCE PROOF OF MEMBERSHIP at the desk.   This can be membership card or membership signup email confirmation.

Travel: Postal code L22 1RR. From Liverpool turn left at first traffic lights after the Seaforth flyover. From Crosby go to bottom of South Road Waterloo turn left then right.

Any more info needed please contact

Mike Lisle


Ray Handley


Please read below Operations Policy:–

Crosby Lakeside Swim Operational Policy 2011

The Crosby Lakeside sessions are not coached sessions, There will be coaches in attendance for basic help of course.

Swimming will be undertaken at The Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centre, Crosby Coastal Park (known locally as Crosby marina) Off Cambridge road, Waterloo L22 1RR by Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centrewith the support of Mersey Tri.

Main safety is provided by Crosby Lakeside Adventure Team assisted by duty Mersey Tri members with the added vigilance of all members.

The sessions will be on Saturdays at 10am until 11:30am and Mondays 18:30 – 19:30 or dusk whichever is soonest.


Prior to the session

The nominated Mersey Tri team member will arrive at the site and check for any obvious hazards.

The duty team member will bring the necessary equipment required including safety bands, signing in/out sheets, klaxon.

They will make themselves known prior to the session starting at the adventure centre reception.

They will meet with rota’s volunteers and prepare for the session – this includes instructing the volunteers on signing in procedures and safety watch procedures.

Members can be signed in 15 minutes prior to session starting but must wait for the okay for the session to start.

Changing is provided in close proximity at lakeside lockers, showers and refreshments etc. are available for us.

All Triathletes/Swimmers are expected to display a high level of courtesy and self discipline when using the facility and indeed the lake. If in doubt where anything is or need any assistance what so ever regarding the session please ask firstly the Mersey Tri duty rota personnel or at reception which is next to the lake.

On arriving at the lake, you will pay the required swim fee at Lakeside reception, NOT TO THE LAKESIDE ROTA TEAM.


What you will need to take to the sessions:

  • wetsuit suitable for open water swimming
  • Tri suit or swim trunks/costume to wear underneath
  • Swim cap issued will be white novices and yellow for experienced swimmers … coaches only swimming will wear light blue, no other colours will be allowed
  • Goggles or open water swim mask
  • Optional: neoprene hat and boots if you really suffer from the cold
  • Towel, changing kit, warm change of clothes etc.
  • Flip flops or old trainers to walk to lakeside and back again
  • Bring an energy drink with you or purchase on site, if you plan on swimming for the hour you will need of a 750ml drink.


Health advice for open water swimming:

  • Cover all cuts and abrasions, however minor with sticky plasters
  • You should not consider swimming if you have deep cuts
  • Wash hands in fresh water before eating after you have swum
  • Take a full shower at the earliest opportunity
  • Try to ingest a minimum amount of water whilst swimming
  • If you feel ill in the days/weeks following open water swimming seek the advice of a doctor
  • If you feel unwell on arrival, let us know then do not swim.



  • A safety officer will be appointed before each session by Lakeside Adventure. They have the final decision on whether a session can proceed.
  • At least one Mersey Tri team member will remain on the bank at all times.
  • Any incidents or accidents no matter how minor must be reported to the coach and/or facility staff immediately.
  • Advice the coach of any injury, illness or medical conditions before entering the water.
  • The designated course will be clearly marker by buoys in the water (750 meters)
  • A ratio of one safety boat per 20 swimmers will be maintained up to a max of 80
  • Swim in pairs (is the rule) preferable threes ideally as support for each other
  • There will be no swimming if the safety boat is not in position on the water and the safety officer and coach/team member state it is safe to do so,any patrons of the adventure centre who arrive on there own can see duty team at lakeside to be paired up/join a group.
  • The coaching and facility staff reserve the right at any time to refuse entry into the water to any swimmer who is deemed unfit to take part.
  • There will be no swimming if the weather conditions are severe
  • Diving is not allowed accept in areas designated by the coach or the safety officer
  • Entry will be walk in and exit will be walk out via designated points
  • Always sign in with the Mersey Tri duty team at Lakeside before entering the water and sign out when you leave
  • All members new to open water swimming must have verification that they can swim 1500 meters unaided and confidently prior to taking part in the session For example, if you have been swimming regularly at your pool or with any of our coaches, you need to have them sign preferably on letter headed paper the fact that you can. Alternatively, if in the case of it being one of our coaches they can simply email Ray Handley or Mike Lisle to confirm.
  • Your safety overrides anything else
  • Please be disciplined enough to bring with you your Mersey Tri membership card and receipt of swim fee. Adventure centre patrons please show swim receipt at lakeside.
  • At temperatures less than 11c no swimming will take place
  • Wet suits are mandatory at temperatures of less than 14c and must fit correctly and be suitable for the purpose of swimming, triathletes are advised to use the opportunity to wear wet suits on most occasions.
  • Sessions will not enter into water space used for other activities.