Andy Thomas

Name: Andy Thomas

Athletic Background: Played Rugby Union since school

Biggest sporting achievement to date?: Setting my Ironman distance pb of 10:43 in Austria 2013

Favourite workout?: Turbo trainer 4 minute intervals with 2 minute recovery

Least Favourite Workout?: Pool swimming

Worst Habit ?: Possibly my ability to make inappropriate comments and behaviour

Favourite song to train to / motivate?: Prodigy - Voodoo People

Something about you that many people do not know?: I have a dog named after a pretty infamous Austrian criminal

If you could tell other athletes one thing you have learned so far in your training what would it be?: Don't believe all the stuff Triathlon magazines force on you, to race triathlon you don't need a £4k time trial bike and £300 aero helmet etc and missing the odd session leading upto a race isn't the end of the world.

What is your ultimate goal as an athlete?: To go sub 10hrs at an Ironman distance race

Favourite Race / Course?: Ironman and 70.3 Lanzarote

What's your most memorable racing moment?: Staying at sands beach active resort for Lanzarote 70.3 and getting on the coach they laid on to transport the pros and age groupers over to Club La Santa for the registration and race brief, having been vomiting all day because the previous night had turned into a pretty heavy session. Once on the coach and travelling along the windy roads on the island I was aparent that my hangover hadn't gone and I was gonna puke so I rummaged through my transition bags and found the only thing that I thought could contain my vomit - my running trainers! So I proceeded to puke into them, they instantly started to leak so I then had to transfer the liquid into my other container like utensil, my profile design aero bottle. Once I arrived I gave both a wash and registered and racked my transition bags then lay in the sun dreading getting back on the coach.

Any unusual race day routines or superstitions?: Urinating inside my wetsuit but that's pretty much standard triathlete behaviour

What race / event / ride is on your bucket list?: The Norseman and cycling LEJOG

Swim: Snugg wetsuit

Bike: Cervelo P3

Run: Saucony

Nutrition of choice: ZipVit

What piece of equipment couldn't you live without?: Garmin 910 xt

Twitter: @Bigtomo384